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The word MUDFISH as well as the logo best represent the spirit and the philosophy behind my ongoing project. During the filming of my first documentary, a one-arm fisherman teaches himself to catch fishes in the mud of the river Saigon. 

In the same period of time, I went to visit an orphanage of children with special needs, and together with one of them, I created this funny looking fish which now is the logo. Because sharing is caring, nine years later, I am still here filming and sharing portraits of unique individuals and their traditions from SouthEast Asia.

"Like the one-arm fisherman, I am constantly sifting through the mud of the human race searching for, instead of fish, unseen stories waiting to be told. I have been lucky enough to catch some good ones, but there are still more fishes waiting for me. See you out there. Don't forget to share with your friends.”

Davide Dominici

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