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 Southeast Asian Portraits

MUDFISH presents uniquely human stories discovered amidst the complexity and socioeconomic turmoil of modern Southeast Asia.

“ When I first arrived in Vietnam, I jumped into the Saigon River to film Chu Ba,

a one ‐ armed fisherman who catches fish in the mud. This was a moment of revelation for me. Just for this man to survive, a painful series of gestures had to be repeated daily. The one arm fisherman lives in a country that is changing so fast that it no longer has a place for him. After meeting Chu Ba, I became captivated with Southeast Asia and could not stop searching for everyday people who live their lives in the most unexpected and amazing ways. ”

Davide Dominici

Twenty-first Century Southeast Asia is embracing modernity at a fast pace.

We are creating an anthology of portraits in an attempt to preserve on film the diversity of individual responses to phenomena affecting entire societies and cultures. We give voice to unique individuals, traditions, and livelihoods that have been pushed to the margins and very well may disappear in the near future.

The portraits are not prefabricated or dramatized; there is never a script written. The camera simply reveals an authentic portrayal of a unique individual who is willing to share his or her experience and livelihood.

Because we work to establish mutual trust with each individual, the portraits display a genuineness that will engage diverse audiences responding to the common humanity each subject so powerfully embodies.

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